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Value and advantages of the original wooden doors
Release Time:2015-10-06 10:02

The original wood door is refers to the complete reunification of the outer material and inner material of wooden doors, refers to all has the characteristics of various types of wooden doors, as indoor effect the most expressive force to wooden door decoration, the selection and matching it, it can be said to be home of the "touch" pen, more and more by consumers favor. So, the original wooden doors with which their own value?
Superb raw materials
The original wooden doors are selected as the raw material to produce the fine wood doors. Its main feature is the production of the doors of all parts of the material are the same species, and did not have any different additives.
Good environmental protection performance
It is natural to choose the natural wood. With the continuous enhancement of people's environmental awareness, the requirements of the product is also continuously improved. And the original wooden doors are able to meet this point.
Log doors are more environmentally friendly than other doors, and the use of the adhesive is less than 50% of the solid wood doors.
Good texture and sense
Production of the original wood is generally used to use the precious wood, so the production of wooden doors from the appearance of a very good sense of texture and sense. Because the material cost is very high, so it can ensure the production process of the fine degree.
Sound insulation effect is very good
The use of door is mainly reflected in the function is very good, the original wood has a very high density, so it is very good for the sound insulation.