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Wooden doors enterprises to produce more environmental hazar
Release Time:2015-10-06 10:08

  Has been the door industry is a major sector of the home industry, with the development of China's economy, the increase of wooden doors, wooden doors industry production environment has become a lot of people's hearts. Because the wood furniture manufacturing process will produce noise, dust, chemical poison and other occupational disease hazard factors, serious threat to the health of workers, the overall, the doors of the occupational health situation is not optimistic. According to the investigation of wooden door enterprise production environment of the main problems is operation conditions are poor, site management confusion and spraying operation risks and do not attach importance to the work of occupational health management.
First, poor working conditions, on-site management confusion
  The operating conditions of small and medium enterprises quite simple, the workplace is only simple. Production layout confusion, toxic and non-toxic processes cross each other, homework and living places, and even there are many production, office, living "three in one" enterprise. Production workshop lighting, dust filled, poor working conditions, raw materials, semi-finished and finished random stacking. Optional electric wire switch, naked and covered with Muchen, can easily lead to fire. The majority of the production equipment such as saws, milling machine tool is exposed, the lack of protection facilities, extremely easy to cause the accident. Research has also found that a company will be stored in the workplace in the workplace, the exposure of formaldehyde in the workplace, resulting in the pollution of formaldehyde.
Two, spraying operations more hidden trouble
  Coatings enterprises to use the most not marked contain toxins, protective measures, part of the enterprise and even the use of "three noes" paint, resulting in large amounts of toxic paint full of furniture manufacturing enterprises. Most enterprises directly in the workshop in the paint, Sheng exposure to paint container placed, toxic substances pervasive; workers in the paint when also don't wear protective activities, to the body caused great harm. Many small business spray paint workshop is not installed in the effective protection facilities, individual enterprises and even the platoon fan is not installed, paint spray paint mist, a large number of toxic substances into the spray paint workers. Some enterprises will paint job and polishing, brush color, dry paint process arrangement in the same workshop assembly line, resulting in toxic smoke filled the entire workshop, the workers to the other processes cause harm. Part of the enterprise in the open shop in the dry paint, hazardous substances other processes of workers. A considerable number of small and medium-sized enterprises painting workers protection consciousness difference, wearing a vest and shorts, even barefoot, backless and not wearing any effective door activities of paint job. A considerable number of enterprises can not timely removal of spray paint workshop within the scale, resulting in toxic substances dying for a long time, affect the health of workers.
Three, do not pay attention to occupational health management
  Most enterprises lack basic knowledge of occupational disease prevention and control, do not know the occupational disease prevention and control law, and other laws and regulations, such as the use of toxic substances workplace labor protection regulations, did not carry out occupational health work, not equipped with a minimum of occupational disease prevention facilities, did not provide workers with the standards of labor protection. Only 13.2% of enterprises in the workplace set up warning signs, 8.8% of the companies were operating places of toxic substances, dust and noise detection, 5% of the enterprises have carried out occupational health knowledge training, 7.7% of the enterprises to carry out occupational disease hazards project reporting. The vast majority of enterprises did not arrange for the employees to carry out occupational health examination, a considerable number of enterprises have not signed labor contracts, pay industrial injury insurance,
  For all kinds of problems arising from the production of wooden doors, enterprises should pay attention to, rather than ignore. This can avoid the problem of expanding, become more serious security incidents.