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Production process leading to the safety of the door enterpr
Release Time:2015-10-06 10:11

Paper paste is not strong, which is in the minds of consumers in mind. Especially when to safety is the primary goal of the anti-theft door unexpectedly associated with the honeycomb paper together, consumer dissatisfaction was immediately detonated, public opinion has also appeared in the one-sided situation. The main reason is not the paper can do the door, but the process and the raw material of the honeycomb paper door production.
One, the wind blows the bad security door is not the paper core wrong
  In a recent online news on the Internet once again raise a Babel of criticism of quarrel. Affected by the typhoon of a household in the home of the anti-theft door was blown out, which exposed cardboard. Anti-theft door is made of cardboard to do this news point for a moment to make a lot of friends angry. Search related news, found a lot of similar news. Many consumers angry.
  In the face of consumer anger, the industry has a very different view: my personal view is that although the door, such as anti-theft door, solid wood composite doors and other products, including the honeycomb paper core is indeed a problem, but these problems are not the problem of honeycomb paper process itself." The source believes that the problems appeared in the aspects of the operation, enterprises to the technology used in the wrong place, such as claims to have the heat insulation effect of the door, but filled honeycomb paper to sucks. " "The use of honeycomb paper as the door and window filling material, in the international general use, is also a very mature technology." The source said that the consumer will be honeycomb paper core and the quality of the link, in a misunderstanding.
  Indeed, the status quo on the market also confirms the view of the person. Solid wood, wood, wood composite...... Think of all the publicity associated with the "wood", but on the inside of the filler, especially the honeycomb paper carefully conceal mentioning "". "Our filling materials are in line with national standards." Although the filling material column is written in a honeycomb paper, a shop owner or unwilling to admit that some building materials market windows and doors and windows sales shop owners are reluctant to pull on the relationship with the honeycomb paper core.
Two, doors and windows industry allows the use of
  In fact, the door window industry's first national standard GB/T29498-2013 "wood doors and windows," the official promulgation and implementation of the classification of wood doors and windows made a definition of subdivision, from the standardization level of the production and detection of wooden doors. "There is an attitude in the standard, which is the process of honeycomb paper is feasible." The source explained that the "wood doors and windows," the national standard in the course of the preparation did not specifically mention the honeycomb paper core, but for "relevant materials to meet the relevant standards of the provisions of this clause," in Appendix BB/T0016-2006 of the packaging industry standard A.8 "packaging materials honeycomb cardboard", the default honeycomb cardboard as a filling material for doors and windows.
  "Honeycomb paper is a good thing. From the macro perspective, can save our country's timber resources; from the micro perspective, qualified honeycomb products in the noise, noise and other aspects have more excellent performance." Industry experts said that the honeycomb paper as a filling material in the correct process conditions to ensure that the normal use of the wooden doors, to ensure the long-term stability of the quality. "Those who believe that the use of cellular paper is not strong, not qualified, is an understanding of the errors."
  "In Europe, the 90% composite door in the use of this material as filling materials, consumers do not have to worry about." Experts said that as early as a few years ago, by the national development and Reform Commission issued the material management industry standard 1024-2006 WB/T "wooden door", it refers to the concept of honeycomb paper. "The standard is divided into full wooden door, solid wood and wood composite doors and plywood molded hollow door. Plywood molded hollow door including plywood door and molded door. Among them, solid wood composite door, plywood door and molded door using honeycomb paper as the core of the filling material in line with industry standard requirements." The use of honeycomb paper will not reduce the quality of the product standard, because no matter how the material changes, the test standards for the wooden doors are the same.
Three, the quality of the problem is not in the correct process
  It is understood that common paper honeycomb core cell size in accordance with the size of the points a, B, C, D and e types, paperboard grammage) between the 140-180g/ square meters, the performance of different types and grams of paper honeycomb core different. Excellent honeycomb composite door by grams for 150-180g/ square meters, the B type honeycomb core, common thickness between 25-35mm, the production process in strict control process conditions, can achieve the optimal comprehensive performance. So, the honeycomb paper how to fill in the standard, according to the introduction, solid wood doors appear in the case of honeycomb paper are fake and shoddy products, and composite doors, regardless of wood composite or wood composite, filling what, composite to what extent, the current state has no relevant standards, whether to fill the honeycomb paper, not to determine the quality of products will check project.
  Industry insiders have pointed out that the social exclusion of honeycomb paper: the quality of the problem is mainly due to the use of cellular paper in some small businesses, and some even use living garbage and industrial waste made of honeycomb paper, resulting in adverse market impact, into and lead to a lot of wooden door brand companies reject the use of honeycomb paper. Glue and adhesive cardboard used may not be reached international standard home with glue, and then lead to excessive methanol this a series of problems "
  At the same time, the manufacturing process of the wood industry itself is also a big problem, the honeycomb paper door process relative to the real wood door to more complex, the production process backward, so that the honeycomb paper door is not only rough, and man hours,