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Pay attention to individual products to create a brand image
Release Time:2015-10-06 10:22

   90 gradually become the main force in the home market consumption, and the individual is a symbol of 90, so many wooden doors companies embarked on a personalized product design, only to meet the needs of the market to win more market. The Internet era of wood enterprises should not only pay attention to the individual product to build, more attention should be paid to personalized advertising.
  Personality is a synonym for 90, they are more inclined to the trend of the era of the product. At the same time, this group of 90 after the purchase of products will often do homework, collect some relevant information, careful observation and comparison, until a clear understanding of the purchase will be. Now, the wind of environmental protection in our country is more and more fierce. Environmental protection products is to become the first choice after 90.
   Therefore, the wooden doors enterprises must be based on the characteristics of 90 after 90, actively do a good job of products, personalized, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly products to attract these people's favor. After 90 become the main consumer of the consumer, the door will usher in the development of personalized products will usher in a broad market.
Personality advertising should pay attention to
  Nowadays, star endorsement is no longer a medicine, a lot of 90 no longer blindly buy Star attachment. Creative full, rich offers and a distinctive brand attitude and consistent with my point of view to become the most general requirements for advertising after 90, it seems that the door is not so easy to impress the door of the enterprise.
Therefore, the wooden enterprise must pay attention to the personalized advertising, inviting professional copy planning team, to develop in line with the 90 psychological needs of the advertising program, so that the brand can be printed into the hearts of the young group.
Internet marketing or trends
   Internet continues to develop, the network has gradually become an important place for 90 shopping. After 90 can through the mobile phone, computer to buy a variety of products, wooden doors as a large consumer goods, marketing in the network also has a certain space for development. Although the current network channels are not perfect, but to enter the Internet has become an inevitable trend.
   Wood products to attract the attention of young consumer groups, wooden door enterprise must first understand the consumer personality and habits, and continue to self innovation and progress, produce novel and unique wooden products, at the same time, build times younger brand image.