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The development process of the whole wood decoration cellar
Release Time:2015-10-06 11:16

   The whole wood decoration cellar originated in Europe, for thousands of years, the relationship between people and the wine has been very subtle. People from drunkenness, got drunk to tasting pondering son, and wine cellar, also let the wine as the embodiment of noble and takes care of collections.
   Since mid twentieth Century, the European wine enthusiasts began to establish private wine cellar. French wine taster Patrice. Kuya once said: "in Europe people, Tibetan wine to thousands of people than have three Ferraris people proud. The measure of high standard is to see whether you have rich rare treasures cellar." In the future, that the quality of life, is no longer a private swimming pool, is no longer a private gym, but private wine cellar.
   The necessary conditions of the ideal wine cellar is needed: "constant temperature and humidity, light, ventilation, anti vibration." Whether it is from the size of the space, the overall design, the color of collocation, the adjustment of temperature, humidity adjustment, the layout of the light, the selection of materials, and then to the surrounding environment, and so on, in the construction process should be as perfect as possible to create a suitable environment for wine storage.
  We have to mention that the wine cellar, which is closely related with oak wine.
   In the world of wine, the wine in oak barrels role can not be ignored, it exists, let the taste of wine is more wonderful and possible.
   In the Wine brewing process, oak wine is one can not ignore the details. Can be said that oak wine and wine is definitely a pair of intimate lover, without the care of the wine in oak barrel, wine absolutely not the case with vitality. Its existence, so many wine taste full of more surprises. For wine enthusiasts, is more precipitation after the sun rich in it.
  Why do you say that? Because the high tension of oak itself, can easily move, ductility and strong waterproof. And oak inside the pores will let the wine in the aging process of exposure to trace amounts of air, and slight oxidation will make wine taste becomes more supple and adds a lot of flavor son.
   The whole wood decoration from the environment to the oak material, all reflect the cellar for professional and grade of sublimation. The fine with the owner of the Wine love cellar.
   The whole wood decoration only under the conditions of an ideal temperature and humidity, stored in a cellar in each bottle of wine to breathe fully, each bottle of wine fresh life to fully express the deep love.
   Wine cellar, the source in the living image of French wine cellar; wine cellar, meticulous care collection of rarities; wine cellar, highlights the distinctive taste of life; wine cellar, accompanied by wine culture together in the rivers of the land quietly growing.