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Eight current situation analysis for the door dealers to lif
Release Time:2015-10-06 10:38

  The development of the dealer is closely related to the enterprise. The success and failure of the business enterprise is very important to the development of the industry and the production enterprise. Over the past few years, along with the development of the industry of the door to the dealer, the bigger the business, but there are many dealers after many years of development, precipitation, but do not know their future direction of development, but also do not know how to take their own sustainable development path. With the passage of time, many dealers will disappear from the scene, to become the industry a passer. So, wooden door dealers how to fit the development way choice, made of "century old shop" to do business more long? Below from the door of the eight dealers to analyze the status quo!
1, strong or weak polarization
After the international financial crisis and the domestic property market ups and downs of baptism, the doors of the dealer's polarization is becoming more and more obvious. Some of the big dealers quickly rise up to the top of the manufacturing enterprise (some even their own wooden doors factory), down control more and more high-end customers, decoration companies, interior designers, etc.. Also has a lot of dealers to do business increasingly difficult, lamented business difficult to do, the environment is not satisfactory.
2, the relationship between business increasingly decline
Two or three relationships can support a store, which is often seen in the past phenomenon. With the door industry standard and the popularization of information technology, the simple relationship can not maintain the long-term business, because the relationship to take care of all aspects, not a person inherent.
3, big brand dealers business more stable
In recent years of development of Chinese wood door rapidly, each big brand and the rate of rise is commendable, the gold 10 years with the dealer of a large number of business is booming, help them wash to the first pot of gold in the wood industry. These dealers have become the leader of the local building materials industry or the leader of the market leader. Even in the market downturn, although profits have weakened, but the stability of the business is no doubt.
4, chance impossible to guard against the trap
Development of the industry, enterprise production number is rapidly increasing, media advertising, exhibition activities of the investment action continuously, good and bad, quality, service, reputation and not on a large number of small enterprises, dazzled dealers. The Distributor shall understand, the real opportunity is never rely on early accumulation and wisdom, no free pie.
5, Xiaofujian, no
With some money, the dealer's development momentum, but no, more dealers just want to keep the fruits of victory. The problem is you don't want to development, manufacturers and brands want to have greater development, so these Xiaofujian dealers often even the current business also keep, but the cost of business and life increases.
6, the target is bigger, the space is bigger
By husband and wife shop started as a prelude to most of the dealers in the distribution industry, but the business has a certain scale after the break through the bottleneck of the dealer, must have their own stable team of dealers. At the beginning of the development of a clear goal of the dealer three five years after either to achieve the goal, or it is not far from the target, the development speed is not a general dealer can match.
7, the more resources, the more the right to say
Consumers have a profound insight into their own market, and can understand their habits of the dealer market power is becoming stronger and stronger, the ability to control the manufacturers is also strong. Dealers rely on the true understanding of the consumer in the market, to win a steady stream of revenue, but will allow manufacturers around you to give you the resources, to give you, so that you earn a pot full of.
8, picking sesame, lost watermelon dealers more
The main products many dealers are not clear, ambitious. Hand on the existing brands do not cherish, and always feel that the brand is better than their rivals, every year to introduce new brands and so on, to do some of the things to pick sesame, watermelon. You know, a brand really is so easy to do, dealers would be better off, actually in the end how hard, dealer's own mind most clearly.