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Resolution method of solid wood doors and wood doors
Release Time:2015-10-06 10:53

   The original wooden door with a wood, be the same outside and inside. Identify the time can according to the characteristics of natural wood respectively, such as normal natural wood will color or stuttering phenomenon exists, also can distinguish both sides of the wood texture is consistent (not like) and so on. The original doors are solid wood door series of high-end products, it is because it is a high-end products, so, the big factory production of the original wooden doors in the processing process, to a series of wood drying, drying and mechanical properties of the processing, to ensure the stability of the wooden doors. In the process of buying the door to see the door of the broken fabric, so that the difference between the original wooden doors and solid wood door at a glance.
  The original doors are solid wood door series of high-end products, the boundaries are not very obvious. Making material selection is more difficult, the production technology is very high, the use of paint technology is not the same.
  Advantages and disadvantages:
  The original wood door is generally inferior to the solid wood door structure is stable, because the log is more than the integration of the material, easy deformation, and the original wood door price is more expensive. It is recommended to select the brand products, although the price is slightly higher than the small manufacturers, but from the selection and processing quality are guaranteed. In the time when the main look at the weight of the product is relatively good resolution, the basic is that you choose a good brand of products will tell you their detailed difference. According to the rules of the industry, the general consumer between these 2 products is not seen.
  Distinguish the original wood door and wood door:
   Logs are logs of, the raw material is directly with wood broken board, choice of materials with stress, higher prices; solid wood door is pure wood, but not with aniseed made, inside and outside must with a wood. In general, Jiecha can distinguish from wood. In addition, pure wood color good resolution, spray paint is not good. When there was no paint before, some good resolution. Precipitation is also one of the methods of resolution. The more glued to the wood. Solid wood door is to draw from forest natural wood doors core, after drying and the cutting, planing, open joints, drill, high-speed milling shape such as science processes and. Solid wood door, the choice of more valuable timber, such as cherry, walnut wood, teak, rosewood red, Huali wood, and the processing of finished doors with deformation, corrosion resistance, no crack and heat insulation and other characteristics. At the same time, because of its good sound-absorbing wood doors, and effectively play a sound effect.
   Tell from the upper and lower ends of the door section:
   Original wood or solid wood door in the upper and lower ends can be basically see the difference, original wood door section for log only, integrity and non trace decomposition; solid wood door bottom section are generally integrated wood glue mark decomposition. If the bottom can not see the door and the door bottom section as a whole, are usually of wood composite door.
   Weight is a method of resolution, due to the different kinds of material, but also have a solid wood door in the case of the original wood, not professionals can not accurately distinguish.