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How to choose wooden doors?
Release Time:2015-10-06 10:55

  One is according to the material, all the high-grade wooden doors are the use of valuable wood display room of the taste and master of the culture, connotation. The precious wood with walnut, cherry, Sapele, shadow wood, maple, teak and other ten. Generally is a set of room to use a tree, to make the color of the color, the formation of the inherent style of the system, no special requirements, not the use of a variety of tree species.
  Two is according to the doorand technology, a door core board, plate, full glass door, glass door etc.. Type door is closed type, no X-ray transmission point, more for door and bedroom door, the door can be carved concave line and the production of convex line, type body is beautiful, the overall good. In the middle of the door core board is equipped with one or more core board, convex, strong stereoscopic art. Complete Bo door is the glass as the main body of the door leaf, the door only four sides and terminal, the rest are made of glass. With bright light, through the body, rich strong artistry and appreciation of. Half Bo door is above half for glass, half for board type, have proper transparency.
   Three is by use. Such as family door, bedroom door, door, door, kitchen door, bathroom door, apartment hotel room door, bathroom door, corridor door, office commercial door, etc.. According to the different uses, the specifications, style, performance have different requirements.