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Guangdong wooden door factory - interior collocation's propo
Release Time:2015-10-06 11:11

   Trick One: look at the quality
  1, blade. The time of purchase, the best first touch and feel the blade is smooth uniform, whether it will play flash. Generally speaking, the quality of the high quality of the shutters in the details of the blade is better, if the texture is good, then it will be a long service life.
  2, adjusting rod. Rod has two functions, one is to adjust the shutter of the lift switch, the other is the adjustment of the angle of the blade. In the inspection of the control rod, the first blind window to hang flat test pull, see whether the slide switch is smooth, and then turn the rod to see whether the flip is also flexible and free.
   Trick two: size
  There are two kinds of installation methods for the assembly of the blind window, which need to be installed in the dark and the Ming. Concealed in the window lattice blinds, its length should be window with the same height, width, but want to than windows around the narrow 1 ~ 2 cm. If the blinds are hung outside the window, the length of the window should be about 10 centimeters higher than the height of the window, and the width is about 5 centimeters wide, so as to ensure that it has a good effect. Generally speaking, kitchen, toilet and other small room to apply dark installed shutters, while the living room, bedroom, study and other large room is more suitable for the use of the window.
  Trick three: set style
   The best buy blinds and room furniture and wall color coordination. If the wall is creamy yellow or white, beige shutters selection; reddish brown furniture, can choose pink or champagne shutters; modern sense of strong home, can choose moderate temperament of white shutters. This can make the room look elegant and conform to no conventional pattern.