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Wooden door enterprise culture construction must have the lo
Release Time:2015-10-06 11:13

  One, corporate culture is not ignorant
    The street staff bow leadership, shouting "I am grateful for the work", this wonderful enough, let people open the eyes. However, the incident has been in each of the words "Rashomon", netizens said shout is "thanks to the leadership of work for me", and hot pot shop said shout the slogan of the strong Thanksgiving parents and enterprises bigger and stronger. In fact, shout is what is not important, important is to kneel included in the corporate culture, just a reflection of the management of ignorance and corporate culture of the pale.
   If the employee bow leadership "event is not a carefully orchestrated hype, then the enterprise" sincere ignorance and conscientious stupid "worth pondering. Employees in a square formation and shouting slogans, people carrying a red flag, pull banners, someone set up cameras, as well as leaders accept bow down and responsible for scoring... Shane more ridiculous grand ceremony, means more strong. What are the age, employees to instill this slavish ideas? Afterwards network this criticism, just that point is: enterprise culture can not be ignorant.
  Two, cultural construction need to look at the long-term
   Public is not too sensitive, but in the context of culture "kneel down" the ritual itself contains inequality of filial piety and the partisan composition. In modern society, between the human and the human personality is equal, both parents Thanksgiving, promote filial piety, or shaping corporate culture, enhancing the quality of staff, are not necessary to use this "indoctrination + brainwashing" kowtow way. "Street bow leadership can only cause the staff of humiliation, fear and anxiety, with thanksgiving culture street distance away from.
   In general, Thanksgiving is a kind of life attitude, is a virtue, it should be in the community each person should have some basic moral standards, but also a man of at least accomplishment. Modern wooden doors enterprises to create thanksgiving culture, it is necessary to let the staff from the heart of parents, others, society and nation holds a kind of gratitude, and dedication, the performance of their duties, in the wooden doors in the employment and identify, the feeling of belonging. In other words, the wooden doors of the corporate culture of thanksgiving to inspire the conscience and reason for the premise, the need for the active participation of employees and active participation.
   From this point of view, employee Street bow down to the work of the leadership not only with thanksgiving culture Wind Horse and cattle and, also suspected of belittle employees' personality and trampling on the legitimate rights and interests of workers, the effect could backfire. The boss not to employees when people but as a kind of resource, employees can wholeheartedly for the enterprise to work?? indeed, looking for a job is not easy, should cherish, but the management of the enterprises do not to disadvantaged workers as a reason to do whatever they want. Otherwise it will violate the social morality, also suspected of violating the law.
   I do not know from when, the rise of the social enterprise culture fever, the company has a large number of small doors are dedicated to corporate culture, and even some of the wooden doors are just set up a corporate culture. But a lot of wood door enterprise is not too clear about how to build culture. This wants to build the enterprise culture, the result is not the most cultural farce, this is some enterprise's cultural predicament.
  And some wood enterprises are doing well, the gap between the two may be more of a wooden door business leaders of the corporate culture. It seems that the construction of the wooden door enterprise culture need to look at the long term, it is not without reason.